Anarkali Suits Designs

Anarkali suit name is taken from Mughal emperor Akbar who was legendarily murdered for her illicit relationship with the crown prince slim.

An Anarkali salwar suit is a form of women’s dress which has recently made its way back to the India & pakistan fashion scene. The anarkali suit is made up of a long frock top to bottom. Frock style is different from the other suits. Anarkali frock is slim top to till waist after waist is very wide too look different from the other suits. The anarkali suit varies in many different lengths and embroideries including floor length anarkali styles. The kameez of the anarkali can be sleevelesss or with sleeves ranging from cap- to wrist-length. Anarkali suits have become a fashion statement right now. The anarkali is an extremely desirable style that is adorned by women located in Northern India, Pakistan and The Middle East. No matter what the body shape is, Anarkali salwar suit attire suits everyone. Buy Anarkali suits online from We have a wide range of styles in this collection, to choose from. You can also buy matching jewelry from our collection.


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