Plain Pallu Saree

Plain pallue sarees are generally considered to be those that lack the basic adornments on the field of the saree like motifs, patterns or designs that generally adorn the saree backdrop. The saree in its own way has a muted and subdued yet noticeable look for the wearer. Plain pallu sarees is an unstitched cloth that range between four to nine yards. It is native to the South of India mostly. Most of these sarees are not expensive at all and can fit into your budget.

For the casual wear plain pallu saree is the good option becasue it dosesn’t have generally embroidery work. Plain pallu saree is also good for the summer season because it is a very low weight and comfortable as well. You can team up some heavy embellishments if you are looking to exude a certain amount of lavishness in your look. These Indian sarees are typically not so elaborate and have a certain understated charm. You should be able to choose your style, look and match it up for the occasion you are wearing the plain pallu saree for. Wear a plain pallu saree with a mirror work traditional blouse to be in vogue. This saree has a certain amount of popularity with Bollywood celebrities. We have more than 1000 of plain pallu saree. Buy plain pallu saree from and get free shipping worldwide the best deal online.


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