Kora Silk Salwar Kameez

Kora silk is a fabric that transparent to translucent, it has soft feel, smooth texture, but a lackluster finish as compared to pure silk. Kora silk ranges from being coarse to super fine depending on the nature of weave. Though delicate in appearance, it is moderately strong. Kora silk fabrics have a good affinity to colors.

Kora silk salwar kameez are still considered to be one of finest traditional suit. It has actually been well known for its designing and gold as well as silver brocade or the ‘Zari‘. The special characteristics of these salwar kameez are their designs, which are Mughal inspired. Kora silk is one of the most used fabric in salwar kameez. Kora silk salwar kameez is soft and transparent so it’s very widely used by the young girl and modern women. Kora silk salwar kameez Kora silk salwar kameez must have every women wardroom. Kora silk salwar kameez is the friend of women almost all the occasion. The Kora Silk salwar kameez can be worn by women, with different styles. We as nikvik always deliver 100% genuine product. You can customize the kameez easily by selecting the type of sleeve, kameez length and type you want. We have very wide range of Kora silk salwar kameez collection. Buy kora silk salarw kameez from nikvik.com and get free shipping all over the world.


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