konrad sarees,lovely borders

Konrad sarees is also known as temple sarees or mubbhgam sarees. Konrad sarees belong to the state of Tamil Nadu, India and has earned fame due to the traditional affluence and the usage of excellent fabrics. These sarees have borders embellished with varied designs. Konrad sarees main attraction is their border which is exclusively designed wide and with exclusive designs of motifs of natural elements and animals with a royal touch. The borders range from 10-14cm wide and are woven in plain color with narrow bands of supplementary warp patterning. This itself is quite popularly known as kampi or pettu and is generally positioned within 3 centimeters of each border edge. The weavers add the wedding appeal by designing them with motifs like peacocks, elephants denoting water, fertility and fecundity. The colour options range from earthen hues of browns, greys and off-white colors to vibrant shades. With a distinct identity of its own the Konrad saree has secured a strong place in bridal ensembles. These sarees are widely famous for their extensive use in marriages and other occasions in south India.
Konrad saree consists of checks or striped patterns, whereas the end piece of the saree has wide zari stripes or intricate gold thread embroidery work. In recent times some designer versions of this traditional saree have done away with the zari at the end piece and have instead focused delicate patterns of gold thread work along the entire length of the saree including the kampi, in order to give a more elaborate appearance to the saree.

The Konrad saree of South India is majorly woven in eastern Tamil Nadu, in Kanchipuram, Salem, Arni Madras, Kumbakonam and Thanjavore. Although, Arni was considered to be one of the major centres for these sarees in the 19th century, but in present times, Kanchipuram is quietly regarded as the most crucial Tamil-silk weaving centres. The Kumakonam and Thanjavore areas of South India do create heavy to medium weight Konrad silks that is quite similar in style as well as technique to Kanchipuramï; however the endpiece warps are quietly attached in a different manner. One of the more traditional variations of the Konrad sarees is the so-called temple sarees.
The Konrad saree is a figured silk, but its distinctive appearance sets it apart from the others. The Konrad saree of south India has been occupying the position of one of the traditional sarees because of its exclusive designs and weaving technique. The exclusive representation of natural elements gets an extra charm in the hands of the weavers. The sarees are available in soothing and traditional colors. The exclusively designed borders of Konrad sarees make them stand apart among the other sarees.

We all know that western dresses are covered all the market but konrad sarees still have the huge market in the current industry, passion are increasing to have konrad saree, women loves to wear konrad saree during wedding or any occasion. It will be great choice if you buy konrad saree for your wardrobe.


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