konrad saree

The konrad saree is also known as temple saree, comes from Tamil Nadu, India. Konrad saree were initially merged for temple deities. Konrad sarees have borders embellished with varied designs. The borders range from 10-14cm wide and are woven in plain color with narrow bands of supplementary wrap patterning. Konrad sarees are quite commonly famous … More konrad saree

Silk Sarees online

Silk Sarees are most common among south Indian women. Be it am old lady or young girl, every south Indian woman will pick up a silk saree among all other sarees. No party or wedding or anniversaries are there, without women wearing the silk pattu saree; at least one woman will be there wearing it. … More Silk Sarees online

Maroon Color Sarees

Maroon Color which falls into the “red-violet” range. Equal parts red and violet make maroon. Maroon is a striking color is a favorite with the fashion world and floral tunics, designer kameez, sarees with maroon smooth plain satin cotton saree are definitely a hit with the women of fashion. In the compare of other color … More Maroon Color Sarees

Indian Saris

The sari is a traditional garment worn by the most Indian women. It is nine or six yards long, which is wrapped around a woman’s body in a variety of ways. There is no any particular history available for the saree but many people believed that it is the before of the Indus Valley Civilization. … More Indian Saris

Dupion Silk Sarees

Dupion silk produced by using fine thread in the warp and uneven thread reeled from two or more entangled cocoons in the weft. This creates a highly lustrous surface as the unevenness tends to reflect more light. Dupion silk sarees are crease resistant and wrinkle adaptive, which gives them a formal and crisp texture at … More Dupion Silk Sarees

Chinon Silk Sarees

Chinon silk fabrics are in vogue and meets Today’s Fashion Era. Chinon Silk Fabrics are made using finest quality yarns which are compliance to export standards. Chinon essentials offer a luxurious and lustrous plain yarn dyed silk dupion in an exhaustive range of colors. Chinon saree is very light weighted sari. Chinon saree is very … More Chinon Silk Sarees