How to dress up in Holi?

The festival of colors is very near,bringing with it new form of joy and happiness in our lives. Holi, also known as the ‘Festival of Colours’ or ‘Festival of sharing love’.This festival signifies the victory of right over wrong,the arrival of spring season,end of winter season,play and enjoy,forget and forgive,repairing of broken relationships,thangiving for good … More How to dress up in Holi?

Pakistani Salwar Kameez fashion of 2017

Pakistani salwar suit is known for their beauty, style and elegance. Salwar Kameez is popularly worn in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India. Most of the pakistani females wear salwar kameez, according to their culture and tradition. Salwar Kameez is commonly worn by Punjabi, Hindu, Muslim women, and Muslim males in India,Pakistan. It is popularly worn … More Pakistani Salwar Kameez fashion of 2017

Green Lehenga Choli

Green is the color between blue and yellow on the spectrum of visible light. Green is Wonderful color for the vision, figuratively and fact wise too. Peaceful demeanor, loyal, faithful, caring individuals, well-mannered and correct in attitude is what characterizes the ‘green-loving’ person. A green color lehenga choli renders a feminine charm and a sophisticated … More Green Lehenga Choli